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Aidan’s Excellent Carpet Cleaning is based in Orange NSW. We provide excellent carpet cleaning, rug and mat cleaning, lounge cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, stai‍‍‍n protection, stain removal and colour repair  services to Orange and nearby towns and villages.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Our minimum charge for any job is $100.00 (this can be a combination of rooms, hallways, stairs etc).
  • Carpet cleaning in commercial premises are charged on a square metre rate, not per room.
  • The price for our services given to you over the phone/email is subject to inspection of the job before work commences.
  • When we arrive at your premises we will inspect and measure the areas you have told us about. We will then inspect the carpet and stains before we start.
  • We will also confirm the price with you before we start.
  • Usually the price quoted before the job will not change.
  • We will sometimes quote extra after inspection when the following occurs:
    • There are extra rooms or areas that we were not told about.
    • The rooms are larger than 18sqm.
    • Carpet is heavily soiled and needs additional cleaning.
    • Stains require extra processes.
    • There are animal stains or odours that require extra treatments.
  • Normal spots and stains are included in the cleaning price.
  • Difficult stain removal is not included in the cleaning price such as; aged cordial, curry, rust stains, urine etc. If difficult stain removal procedures are required these will be quoted before work commences.
  • We do not guarantee stain removal for certain permanent stains.
  • If you are not satisfied with our service, we will re-clean any areas of concern within 7 days.
  • Our guarantee does not apply to carpet and furnishings that have permanent wear and tear and permanent stains.
  • All prices include GST.
  • Payment is by cash or EFTPOS‍‍‍ at completion of job.
  • Prices for a room are to a maximum of 18sqm.
  • Combined lounge-dining areas are considered to be 2 rooms.
  • Additional cleaning for heavily soiled carpets is available. If we consider your carpet to be in this category we will inform you before work commences. The job will need to be re-quoted if necessary. This work is charged by the square metre.

Terms and Conditions